A Taste of Italy

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Winner 2007 New York Book Festival Competition for Best E-Book! 

Carly Simpson is in desperate need of a romantic interlude, but her plans for a hot European getaway in Florence, Italy turn cold quickly when her own inhibitions leave her ill-equipped for the Tuscan town’s passionate temperament. Greeted by a grumpy hotel clerk, a sea of love-struck couples, and one too many pawing lotharios, she nearly gives up all hopes of ever finding romance, let alone love. But just when she resigns herself to a life of loveless melancholy, and Florence has practically broken her spirit, she discovers that love is actually a lot closer to home than she ever imagined. And that Italy is meant to be savored.

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“A quick and entertaining read….I definitely look forward to reading more from Lucie Simone.”
Reviewed by Keris Stainton, Trashionista.com
Cocktail Reviews has given A Taste of Italy the entire bottle of champagne!
“A Taste of Italy is a total and utter RIOT. From the first few lines this book had me laughing out loud. With superb wit and perfect delivery, Lucie Simone has created a must-read tale. How pleasing to read something that is so funny, yet at the same time romantic. Stunning 1st person POV, I couldn’t put this one down, reading from cover to cover, literally scoffing down the words. This is one mad-cap ride of thrills!”
Reviewed by White Russian, Cocktail Reviews
A Taste of Italy received 4 cups from Coffee Time Romance….
“Laced with moments of roar out loud humor, this story is definitely one to settle with if you are looking for a warm, engaging, and funny read.”
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Fallen Angel Reviews has given A Taste of Italy four angels!
“A Taste of Italy is a well told erotic romance novella that is thoroughly enjoyable, with great characters and a well written plot.”
Reviewed by: Elizabeth of Fallen Angel Reviews