Love is in the Air – Valentine’s Q&A with Justine

Nine fabulous authors and I are doing a fun Valentine’s Q&A with characters from our books. I’m featuring Picture Perfect’s Justine, the BFF to main character Lauren. Justine is a poet, an NYU professor, and a sex goddess who believes in the healing powers of chocolate truffles and red wine. Enjoy! Oh, and don’t forget to drop by my fellow authors’ blogs, too. Links at the bottom of this post!

1. Are you currently in a relationship? If so, tell us a little bit about your S.O. And if not…what are you looking for in a romantic partner
Well, I don’t know if I’d go so far as to call it a “relationship,” but I have a marvelous young man in my life named Lucas. He’s a Brit with a tight butt and a passion for Shakespear’s sonnets. He’s a little too on the “sweet” side for my taste, but he is delicious nonetheless!

2. How old were you when you had your first kiss–and can you share what you remember about it?
Oh, gawd. I was nine and it was at my cousin’s barmitzvah. His name was Kenny. Kenny! And he had sweaty palms. He snuck a kiss off me while everyone was dancing and I’d gone back to the punchbowl to slake my thirst. I kicked him in the shin and he went running to his mother bawling about it. I was grounded for two weeks. 

3. Describe your ideal romantic evening.
It would start with a heavenly slice of pizza from Lombardi’s in the East Village, followed by a stroll along the High Line to take in the night air and the incredible view of Manhattan’s skyline. Before heading back to my brownstone in the Village, we’d grab a spiked coffee at La Lanterna. Back home, we’d light a fire in my massive fireplace and shag the night away.

4. What food most gets you “in the mood”?
Dark chocolate truffles are my go-to food for just about any occasion. Pair them with a bottle of champagne, and voila, you’ve got a sweet and sumptuous aphrodisiac! Of course, the most important factor in elevating my “mood” is a man with a brain. If he can’t match wits with me, no amount of chocolate will help!

5. How far will you go on a first date? And how many dates do you need to go on before you knock boots? 
If it’s the right guy at the right moment (i.e. he’s hot and I’m primed), I’m all for indulging in a night of reckless abandon. Passion isn’t for the weak-willed!

6. Have you ever had a secret romance? And if you have, will you share about it here?

Technically, most of my “romances” are secret. Being a professor puts me in a position to befriend many a young, eager student. And generally, these trysts are looked down upon by the administration. So…I like to keep things under wraps.

7. Describe your dream wedding. If you’re already married, was the wedding you had the one you always dreamed of?
After watching my best friend’s marriage explode into a full on nightmare, I am not exactly eager to walk down the aisle. But if I were to do so, it would be on a tropical beach at sunset with only my best friend and her main squeeze in attendance. I’d wear a long, sleek, curve-hugging dress, no shoes and my wavy hair would be adorned with flowers. A classical guitarist would provide the music, while we danced under the stars and dined on fresh seafood and buckets of champagne.

Thank you, Justine! And don’t forget to stop by the my fellow authors’ blogs below to get the inside scoop on their characters love lives!


  1. Ooooo, Justine is a vixen! I love it! Great interview, Lucie. I look forward to reading more about Justine in PICTURE PERFECT, which is on my Kindle waiting for me to get to it!

  2. Great Q&A! :) Justine is such a fun character! I’d love to attend one of her classes and have her give me a tour of NYC!

  3. Justine is quite the spit-fire! I have Picture Perfect waiting on my Kindle and I look forward to diving in – fun, fun, fun answers :)

  4. I loved Picture Perfect! Fun Q&A! :)

  5. I loved Picture Perfect. Chick lit and mystery is the most amazing combination. Justine is a fantastic character, and it was fun re-visiting her. Great post, Lucie!

  6. Excellent read and great Q&A Lucie!

  7. I love that you interviewed Justine, Lucie! She’s such a fun character. A great character in a great book! :-)

  8. Excellent choice! I loved Picture Perfect-really ripped the rug out from under me. Justine was one of my fave characters, probably because I live I live in NY and always wanted to be a professor. Really great book, really fun character!

  9. Thank you, ladies! I loved writing Justine and she just may get a book of her own in the future…!